What Progress ?

I recently came across this repetitive drawing…My guess is you can certainly relate to a bunch of the activities listed here. -If we were to add items to this list, which ones would they be ?-Don’t you think what appear as progress from a certain angle reveals to be dramatically….stagnating from another ?-How has theLire la suite « What Progress ? »

Music and the Brain

Do you know why there is a ‘party going on’ inside our brain whenever we take a music instrument ? Check out this video and discover the firework of activities that sparkles inside your skull as you listen to music, play live on stage or practice at home. There are few activities which activate soLire la suite « Music and the Brain »

Are you an Anti-Masker ?

On what part of the line do you stand ? How exactly do you adapt to the mask in your professional life ? Very good article from the guardian here : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/07/french-anti-maskers-see-themselves-as-free-thinkers-study-shows Let me know ! FranckEnjoy Class in Common See you soon !

« Prioriser ? » Non, Merci.

Ce verbe, répété à tout-va, et principalement en ces temps de stratégies brandies contre le coronavirus, ne trouve pas son chemin de façon fluide au travers de mon conduit auditif. PRIORISER. Voilà qui sonne étrangement proche de l’usage abusif que nous faisons en français : « en termes de… ».Ce dernier est la traduction triste de l’anglaisLire la suite « « Prioriser ? » Non, Merci. »

She Walks in Beauty

Here is one of the most famous poems in English. Written by Lord Byron, as he woke up after having met a woman in an event occurring the previous day. You can delight in those ear-massaging iambic tetrameters. We’ll talk about it on a later post. She walks in beauty, like the night    Of cloudless climesLire la suite « She Walks in Beauty »

World Economic Vision

Here’s a very interesting programme about the economic changes to come. The various kinds of resets ahead are brilliantly detailed in French. Which item do you believe is the scariest ? Which one are you the most willing to comply with ? Well, let me know. Franck Class in Common

Book Porn

This is definitely not what you think…Book porn is NOT porn book. Reminder : « porn » refers to porni, in Greek, meaning « prostitute ».This term conveys an idea of the vulgarity of showing. This is the main idea in the following document. A very short podcast (3mns) — in French — to talk about a new trendLire la suite « Book Porn »

Instant Messaging and Grammar

Very interesting audio document on the effects new technologies have had on the evolutions of grammar…Again, an opportunity to practice listening skills while learning a thing or two from these well-qualified and very interesting guests. You’ll be able to answer this question : ‘Is the full stop aggressive ?’ Well let me know how youLire la suite « Instant Messaging and Grammar »

Stress at Work

Very enriching testimony given by a doctor.If you have ever been in a situation of burning out…or on the verge of experiencing a burn out without any idea this is the kind of pain you are going through, this podcast can be very useful for you.Especially if you are in one of these professional situationsLire la suite « Stress at Work »