Participe Présent ou Adjectif Verbal

Voici un point qui est souvent méconnu ou, du moins dans mon cas, insuffisamment maîtrisée.
En suivant ce lien, vous trouverez un petit rappel très clair sur cette distinction.

A noter aussi, les différences orthographiques selon les cas.
Au besoin, quelques exercices sont proposés.

Voilà voilà
Bonne journée à tous !

Religion Online Vs. Online Religion

Very interesting distinction made in this podcast from the BBC programme Beyond Belief…
Each speaker, in their own way, gives enlightening perspectives on the relations between spiritual commitment and the internet.
Many elements worth considering as a landmark when you’re trying to separate the digital realms of self-worshipping influencers and meticulously-ingeneered scams from genuine practice.

Click on the link or picture below to access the podcast page.

Hope you like it…
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Musical Break : Henri Texier

Wonderful track by Henri Texier.
Very progressive…Very touching emotional intensity of the guitar phrasing.
An unexpected twist in this melodic tune.
The narrative outset gets progressively knocked over.
When the theme comes back as a conclusion, it carries a perfect combination of everything it has accumulated along the way,
Peaceful landscapes and the intensity of life.


Checkout Ahead

Crise financière : Bientôt l’heure de passer à la caisse ?

Part of the reasons for such a jarring contradiction between figures on the markets and reality…

Do you have other elements helping people know to get ready for what seems to be on the way ?
What is the perpective you have from you area of expertise ?

Check this great video and plenty of others on the YouTube page of Jack Chapple

Grab this opportunity to practice your business English listening skills and don’t forget to check the various solutions offered on Class in Common to help you get better in English.

Une opportunité de pratique de l’écoute sur un support économique.
N’oubliez pas de jeter un œil aux solutions que nous proposons pour vous aider à progresser en Anglais.


Délicatesse Matinale

Merveille Totale débusquée par le biais d’un blog ami…
La délicatesse est au cœur du matin,
Pas toujours évident de s’en rappeler,
d’enlever la croûte d’usure usuelle.

14-year old pianist, playin Chopin
Reminds us delicacy always lies at the heart of existence
And helps us remove the crust of wear and tear.

The Collapse Has Started

This programme on YouTube is extremely interesting.
Watch it from 13’50…

I’d like to share with you a quick translation of key items here below.

Use it to practice your English or your French

But above all, use it to feed your thoughts and let me know how this vision is impacting you.

Hidden Reality

  • The FED has given $8,000 Billion to ECB (European Banks)
  • The collapse has already started, but has just been concealed ever since
  • In spite of negative rates and massive investments, quantitative easing, the economic growth does not rally.
  • The date of our collapse is Sept, 15th 2008
  • The majority of the world population is 100% convinced the collapse of our civilizationi has not happened yet
  • Central Banks are accompanying this collapse. They provide painkillers and palliative care, through money injections and the funding of wars
  • Trump accuses Europe not to pay the true cost of wars that are wages. This means Europe does ont pay human, moral and financial costs for its defense….though it takes advantage of affordable energy prices as a result of these wars.

How can we prepare to the upcoming consequences and really start to work on our adaptation to these changes ?

  • Professional adaptation
  • Social and environmental paradigm shifts
  • Can we start working now on the healing of world perceptions which have led humanity to this tipping point. (« Guérir les Hommes »)

Merci à l’auteur de cette vidéo pour le partage d’analyse chaque semaine.
Bien évidemment, je vous encourage à appliquer un œil critique, informé…et courageux.

The Bilingual Brain

The Cognitive benefits of multilingualism :

How speaking more than one language actually reshapes your brain and contributes to developing special skills with implications way beyond language speaking…

Watch the TED Ed video and find out :

How speaking more than one language actually reshapes your brain

Start reinforcing your ‘dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.’…

I’m kidding.
Or am I….

As it is mentionned in the video, ‘it’s never to late to do yorself a favour and make the linguistic leap

See you soon on Class in Common,


La Pandémie est-elle le Cygne Noir ?

En retraçant l’historique de ce concept de Nassim Taleb et par le biais d’une mise en regard des appréciations particulières de Voltaire et Rousseau, L’émission interroge le phénomène pandémique actuel et notre capacité à l’apprecier.

– France Culture Podcast : En écoute ici

De l’Importance du Diplôme (… ou pas)

Ce qu’en dit le philosophe Michel Foucault
Certainement, ceci pourrait être nuancé, mais cela signifierait qu’il faudrait se passer du délicieux esprit de subversion qui sous-tend cette accroche :

« Le diplôme est fait précisément pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas. »


Voilà très justement ce qu’en anglais on appelle ‘Food for Thought’…
De quoi penser… et du grain à moudre de part et d’autre de cette affirmation.