She Walks in Beauty

Here is one of the most famous poems in English. Written by Lord Byron, as he woke up after having met a woman in an event occurring the previous day. You can delight in those ear-massaging iambic tetrameters. We’ll talk about it on a later post. She walks in beauty, like the night    Of cloudless climesLire la suite « She Walks in Beauty »

Délicatesse Matinale

Merveille Totale débusquée par le biais d’un blog ami…La délicatesse est au cœur du matin,Pas toujours évident de s’en rappeler,d’enlever la croûte d’usure usuelle. 14-year old pianist, playin ChopinReminds us delicacy always lies at the heart of existenceAnd helps us remove the crust of wear and tear.