English or French : Start Improving Now.

For more than 15 years of teaching to students and professionals, people have come to see me after class with that same question, popping up again and again :

-‘I really want to improve my English skills, I am motivated to work but I just can’t find the right material….I don’t know what I can use to get better and I don’t know how to use it. What would you recommend me to do ?’

This is why I have come up with these various solutions adapted to each profile :

Self-Paced Unit

  • A high-quality content based on the News (world politics, economics, social issues, ….) representing 5 to 7 hours of personal work,: learn from home at your own pace.
  • Written exercises, listening activities, vocabulary, grammatical reminders, as well as developpements on key General Knowledge concepts brought up by this topic.
  • Content send by e-mail.

  • 25 Euros TTC

Speaking Practice

  • A 30-45 mn speaking session via Skype (Video + Chat + Written Report)
  • Customized content based on the Unit you have chosen to work from.
  • Conversational English sessions (from 30 to 90 mns) on a topic of your choice in order to practice more freely.
    (Grammatical / Lexical content when needed
  • Up to 3 people per session : The price does not change (grab a couple of friends and join me)

  • 30 mns / 29 Euros TTC
  • 1 hour / 54 Euros TTC
  • 1 h 30 mns / 84 Euros TTC

Unit + Tutoring

  • This will allow a fully personalized solution,: a dedicated teacher will help you with all the challenges to really enjoy the Unit.
  • Each profile will receive adapted advice and grammatical content as well as practical tips and techniques to improve faster.
  • A commented correction for all exercises and written assignment.
  • Answers by e-mail to all questions you may ask yourselves on the Unit
  • Make this service accessible for :
  • 7 days : 49 Euros TTC
  • 14 days : 89 Euros TTC
  • 1 month : 145 Euros TTC

Start enjoying Class in Common !

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