Are you an Anti-Masker ?

On what part of the line do you stand ? How exactly do you adapt to the mask in your professional life ? Very good article from the guardian here : Let me know ! FranckEnjoy Class in Common See you soon !

World Economic Vision

Here’s a very interesting programme about the economic changes to come. The various kinds of resets ahead are brilliantly detailed in French. Which item do you believe is the scariest ? Which one are you the most willing to comply with ? Well, let me know. Franck Class in Common

Checkout Ahead

Crise financière : Bientôt l’heure de passer à la caisse ? Part of the reasons for such a jarring contradiction between figures on the markets and reality… Do you have other elements helping people know to get ready for what seems to be on the way ? What is the perpective you have from youLire la suite « Checkout Ahead »