Psy Vs. Bot

Bientôt la fin des psychologues, médecins, avocats….et profs…Bah oui.Ce sujet fait écho à l’un des topics que nous avons couverts en classe cet année…évolution du marché du travail à court terme et perspectives inattendues. et Bonne lecture à tous ! Franck

World Economic Vision

Here’s a very interesting programme about the economic changes to come. The various kinds of resets ahead are brilliantly detailed in French. Which item do you believe is the scariest ? Which one are you the most willing to comply with ? Well, let me know. Franck Class in Common

Checkout Ahead

Crise financière : Bientôt l’heure de passer à la caisse ? Part of the reasons for such a jarring contradiction between figures on the markets and reality… Do you have other elements helping people know to get ready for what seems to be on the way ? What is the perpective you have from youLire la suite « Checkout Ahead »

The Collapse Has Started

This programme on YouTube is extremely interesting.Watch it from 13’50… I’d like to share with you a quick translation of key items here below. Use it to practice your English or your French… But above all, use it to feed your thoughts and let me know how this vision is impacting you. Hidden Reality TheLire la suite « The Collapse Has Started »