Brand Stretching (et Rhétorique…)

Notion du jour Remarque : cela ne se limite pas aux champs du merchandising…Le brand stretching s’observe aussi au niveau conceptuel et constitue souvent l’architecture — plus ou moins artificielle — sur laquelle repose un discours, une argumentation. Auquel cas, démonter le concept initial (en démontrer l’artificialité, justement), c’est provoquer l’effondrement de toute la structureLire la suite « Brand Stretching (et Rhétorique…) »

Brain and Bilingualism

Great article from The Conversation : The structures of the brain are ‘structurally altered’ by bilingualism…Read more on : A bientôtFranckD’autres opportunités de pratiquer l’anglais sur English – Solutions

What Progress ?

I recently came across this repetitive drawing…My guess is you can certainly relate to a bunch of the activities listed here. -If we were to add items to this list, which ones would they be ?-Don’t you think what appear as progress from a certain angle reveals to be dramatically….stagnating from another ?-How has theLire la suite « What Progress ? »

Music and the Brain

Do you know why there is a ‘party going on’ inside our brain whenever we take a music instrument ? Check out this video and discover the firework of activities that sparkles inside your skull as you listen to music, play live on stage or practice at home. There are few activities which activate soLire la suite « Music and the Brain »